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TenX Pte Ltd 11 Keppel Rd, #07-00 ABI Plaza Singapore 089057. The Card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (WDCS) pursuant to license from Visa. WDCS is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Ref: 900051). TenX Payments Europe AG is authorised by the Financial Market Authority of. TenX Payments Europe AG Dr. Grass-Str. 12 9490 Vaduz Liechtenstein. Die Karte wird von Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (WDCS) gemäß Lizenzierung von Visa bereitgestellt. WDCS ist von der Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht autorisiert, elektronische Zahlungsaktivitäten unter der Electronic Money Regulations aus 2011 (Ref: 900051) durchzuführen. TenX Payments Europe AG ist von der. Redirecting to https://tenx.tech/roadmap.htm TenX Token is the rewards token for the TenX cryptocurrency wallet application and payments card developed by TenX, a Singapore-based blockchain company focused on improving the spendability of cryptocurrencies. The TenX allows users to make every-day purchases and withdraw money using their TenX Card paired with the TenX Wallet app. TenX Token is a rewards token circulated to TenX users and.

TenX 2018 Roadmap. So the founder Dr Julian Hosp was giving the 2018 updates yesterday at the TenX new office. Dr Julian Hosp recently wrote this book titled Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained and also this excellent article on Yahoo News. The new TenX office is really cool, really beautiful, and has this view from Level 24 TenX (PAY) is a payments platform that aims to enable users to use cryptocurrency for daily transactions. The company aims to accelerate crypto adoption for mainstream consumers. The PAY token is the cryptocurrency that the network uses for transactions The original roadmap has this feature available by Q3 2018, but the team has missed the mark on this one as well. COMIT Network. TenX is integrated with the COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction) network. Although created by the same people behind TenX, the COMIT network has an entirely different website and whitepaper. The goal of the COMIT network is to. TenX Payments Europe AG is a company limited by shares, incorporated under the laws of Liechtenstein, with registration number FL-0002.592.666-6, with registered address at Dr. Grass-Strasse 12, 9490, Vaduz, duly licensed by the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein under the Electronic Money Act of March 17, 2011 and the Payment Services Act of June 6, 2019 to provide e-money services. Die Microsoft 365-Roadmap informiert berechtigte Abonnenten über geplante Updates. Hier erfahren Sie mehr über den Status neuer Funktionen und Updates

Download Exodus mobile to secure, manage, & exchange your cryptocurrency from anywhere. Trade cryptocurrency in just a few taps tenx debit card and banking licence tenx. important notice please read this section and the following sections entitled disclaimer of liability, no representations and warranties, representations and warranties by you, cautionary note on forward-looking statements, market and industry please read this section and th 1.5 Die TenX Roadmap Der TenX Coin - was steckt dahinter? Basis für den TenX Coin ist TenX, in erster Linie eine Zahlungsplattform für Kryptowährungen. Die Plattform bietet jedoch neben einem Wallet auch ein Bankkonto und eine physische Debitkarte mit Zugang zu Bankautomaten weltweit In fact, the company's roadmap reveals it plans to release a suite of developer tools to support ETFs, loans, and other financial products. Think of everything the current SWIFT network already does - TenX is trying to fill every gap in every lane it can within the payment processing and consumer fintech sectors. But COMIT still hasn't been released as of the start of 2019, and it's.

TenX (PAY) is a payments platform that aims to enable users to use cryptocurrency for daily transactions. The company aims to accelerate crypto adoption for mainstream consumers. The PAY token is the cryptocurrency that the network uses for transactions. Ten X offers a crypto card in selected countries, which will work in tandem with the TenX wallet to channel supported cryptocurrencies. The TenX Product Suite consists of the TenX Card, TenX Wallet, TenX PAY Token and TENX Rewards Token. The card and wallet allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies in a simple and safe way, at more than 40 million points all around the world. The PAY Token is a work-in-progress loyalty program which, in the future, will reward token holders for spending cryptocurrencies using the TenX Card. TenX supports cryptocurrencies across multiple Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. log in sign up. User account menu. 16. Road map for 2020. Close. 16. Posted by 2 months ago. Road map for 2020. Just wondering if there is a roadmap for 2020 that I have missed ? 5 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to. **Jump to show segment:** My failed TenX investment 1:59 Coinbase compensation 3:27 Dash roadmap 7:00 How to support me 11:18 **Please support the show by vi..

14.08.2017, 15:41 Uhr. Tenx gehört zu den wenigen Blockchain-Startups, die nicht nur eine Idee, sondern ein Produkt vorweisen können. Mitgründer Julian Hosp sprach mit t3n über die Tenx. Product roadmap and feature requests. Welcome to our product portal

Eine Roadmap zeigt, wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen, Ihre Produkte und Ihre Technologien langfristig weiterentwickeln wollen. Sie visualisieren, welches Know-how dafür notwendig ist und welche Markt- und Kundenanforderungen Sie erfüllen. Damit verknüpfen Sie interne Kompetenzen mit externen Bedingungen und Potenzialen Crowdfunding für TenX Blockchain-Startup. TenX hatte für das Crowdfunding den Token PAY selbst kreiert. Insgesamt 4.000 Käufer hatten - je nach Kursstand von TenX - bis zu 80 Millionen US-Dollar über verschiedene digitale Währungen in das Unternehmen investiert Instant Updates #17 1) Mt Gox Funds moved but not sold. 2) Vitalik Butrin & Charles Hoskinson Boycott coindesk's consensus 2018 3) Cardano (ADA)- 2 Testnet Launch + Paper Wallet + Side Chain. TenX offers card users a 0.1% reward (paid in PAY tokens) every time they use their TenX card, and there are also plans to reward token holders with 0.5% of all aggregate transaction volume paid out monthly (in Ethereum). However, at the time of writing there was no date scheduled for the first distribution of these 0.5% rewards. Roadmap

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Ten-X Commercial is the nation's leading commercial real estate marketplace. Our platform enables investors and brokers to buy and sell properties online I understand that you want a roadmap, but at the moment we cannot say anything specific. Our goal is to incorporate the PAY token into our products often, sometimes it will make sense, sometimes it won't. As soon as the PAY token, and possibly the TENX token, is more relevant in our products, we will also change the communication in this respect


Eine Product Roadmap ist ein wichtiges Hilfsmittel zur Schaffung von großartigen Produkten, dabei aber auch eines der anspruchsvollsten Themen im Produktmanagement überhaupt. Wenn sie richtig erstellt wurde, ist sie ein extrem mächtiges Werkzeug für die gesamte Produktentwicklung und kann sogar Herzstück für das gesamte Unternehmen sein TenX unterstützt dabei aktuell unter anderem die Bezahlung in Bitcoin, Ethereum und Dash. Künftig sollen noch weitere Währungen und Token hinzukommen, hier lohnt sich ein Blick in die Roadmap. Außerdem nutzt TenX das sogenannte Comit-Netzwerk, welches eine Verbindung zwischen den verschiedenen Blockchains herstellt

But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Tenx On eBay. Looking For Tenx? We Have Almost Everything On eBay Roadmap . List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on TenX (PAY). Official list of development roadmap; Date Events and Milestones Q4 2017: Integrate more cryptocurrencies on TenX. Stable and scalable payment operation. Q4 2017: COMIT protocol scaling and security research Q1 2018 : Strategic market expansion Q1 2018: COMIT Version 0.1 development Q2 2018: Support ERC20. TenX offers card users a 0.1% reward (paid in PAY tokens) every time they use their TenX card, and there are also plans to reward token holders with 0.5% of all aggregate transaction volume paid out monthly (in Ethereum). However, at the time of writing there, was no date scheduled for the first distribution of these 0.5% rewards. Roadmap The original roadmap has this feature available by Q3 2018, but the team has missed the mark on this one as well. COMIT Network. TenX is integrated with the COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction) network According to the TenX project roadmap, a lot of things will happen in 2018 and beyond. Support for ERC20 tokens and additional cryptocurrencies is coming users' way in Q2, and more functionality.

TenX has an extensive roadmap outlined according to priority rather than by dates. After first supporting many ERC20 tokens in addition to other cryptocurrencies, it plans to connect Bitcoin and Ethereum on COMIT. Then it will develop new features on the TenX wallet, encouraging COMIT tools and SDKs for developers to build an ecosystem. Finally, it will seek a Blockchain Banking License to. The Future of TenX. There is a basic roadmap for TenX that outlines their future plans. As you might imagine, the major priority currently is the re-issue of the TenX cards, because without those TenX is relaly little more than another cryptocurrency wallet. The roadmap says the card design has been approved by the issuer as of August 2018. Yet TenX is still working on getting cards issued and. TenX hat nun mit den Debitkarten zum zweiten Mal Pech. Kaum hatte das Startup begonnen, die Debitkarte zu versenden, entzog Visa dem Anbieter Wavecrest die Erlaubnis, Debitkarten herauszugeben. TenX hat in der Folge lange gebraucht, um wieder eine Debitkarte anzubieten. Nun schlägt der Blitz an derselben Stelle zweimal zu. TenX benutzte Debitkarten von Wirecard Solutions. Ein anderes. This roadmap reflect what the core team and its helpers are working on right now and that we expect to deliver in this time frame. As many of you noticed, these date indications are subject to change, dependant of team member availability. This is however a more focused roadmap that the Team should be able to complete until the end of the year. To resume this roadmap, you can expect : Redd-ID. TenX is a Singapore-based blockchain company that makes cryptocurrencies spendable it provide opportunity to make everyday purchases and withdraw money

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What is TenX Token? history, roadmap, usage, team

  1. What Is TenX? TenX (PAY) launched in 2015 with the promise of a digital wallet and physical card letting users spend cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services. Co-Founder and President Julian Hosp stepped down on January 9, 2019, and was replaced by CEO Toby Hoenisch after the team of 70 (with two heads) failed [
  2. Ich denke, wir sehen hier eine Konsolidierungsphase aktuell, die allerdings, durch die erste ICO CANDLE ATH, gebrochen wird demnächst. Ebenso denke ich, dass wir hier eigentlich ein Elliot Wellen Anstieg sehen werden, bis weitere Signale erfolgen. Nach Welle 5 kann ein 1,2,3 erfolgen. Durch die rasanten Zuwächse der User bei TENX, sollte dies allerdings in einer leichten Seitwärtsphase.
  3. IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, an open network where all physical and virtual things — humans, machines, and businesses — can interact with full trust and privacy
  4. g in Q1 2018. The fully integrated COMIT network should be released around Q2 2018 and the addition of other Blockchain.

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  1. TenX has many other competitors that are trying to solve the exact same problem - Mobi, Monaco, Tokencard, I like the problem that they are trying to solve and that TenX has a working product and a detailed roadmap, but the valuation is on the rich side and there are already a few competitors in this space. Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows: For.
  2. Nunja schauen wir TenX an: -Es gab mal ne Roadmap mit konkreten Zeitangaben für Milestones wann man was plant = gibts nicht mehr-Es gibt keine funktionierenden Karten, es gab die letzten 3 Monate immer andere Wasserstandsmeldungen dazu-Das Rewardsystem, was für viele der ABSOLUTE KAUFGRUND!!!! war für das ICO ist vom Tisch 5. Das führt mich noch zu 5. die Art und Weise wie Julian das.
  3. r/TenX: We make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere with the TenX wallet app and debit card. TenX supports cryptocurrencies across multiple
  4. Also, TenX's previous roadmap promise to become a fully-licensed bank in 2018 is yet to manifest. All in all, there's no doubt that TenX project is a major game changer for both cryptocurrencies and traditional financial system. However, it's a project of massive scale, and there's still a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. Recently, the company has released their.
  5. TenX's Marathon program is structured to support founders and business leaders in accelerating from $100K in existing revenues/funding, to $1MM+ over an 18 month period of time. Program Structure. The Marathon is a 12 week program under an 18 month commitment to get the business to the $1MM in revenue capacity level, focused on developing a company roadmap, 12 month financials, sales.
  6. TenX erwirtschaftet 80 Millionen Euro in 7 Minuten. Dieses System ist so schon fertig aufgebaut und zugänglich, was einer der größten Vorteile des Unternehmens aus Singapur ist. Derzeit erwirtschaftet TenX etwa 100.000 Euro Umsatz pro Monat und beschäftigt mittlerweile 20 Vollzeit Mitarbeiter. Um weiter wachsen zu können, veranstaltete TenX im Juni dieses Jahres einen Tokensale um weitere.
  7. TenX beschreibt seine eigene Vision wie folgt: At TenX we work on making any Blockchain asset spendable instantly. Zur Zeit ist COMIT noch in der Entwicklung, laut Roadmap der Firma soll es jedoch im dritten Quartal 2018 an die Bitcoin- und Ethereum-Blockchain angeschlossen und genutzt werden können. Nach Fertigstellung soll die COMIT-Technologie Open Source werden und für alle frei.

In this TenX review I will take an in-depth look at the project as well as its team, technology and roadmap. I will also analyse the long-term adoption potential of PAY tokens and whether they could ever recover. What is TenX? TenX isn't a new project. It was launched back in 2015 and promised users a digital wallet and a physical debit card. TenX token is looking to show the world that integration of digital assets in real life is absolutely possible and even easier and practical than the well-known fiat currencies. TenX offers a crypto-debit card and special crypto wallet, making purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or any ERC20 possible, just like that. On top of that, the total supply is 205,000,000 TenX tokens and it.

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The TenX Coin Roadmap. At the end of 2017, the company was working on the integration of further cryptocurrencies and protocol scaling, and the security of COMIT. In the next few months, TenX intends to develop the COMIT version 0.1 and push ahead with strategic market expansion. The company plans to integrate the ERC20 tokens in the second quarter of 2018. For the year 2018 and 2019, TenX. DIE ROADMAP. Q1 2018. Aminacoin Kreation & Marketing. AMK Token Einführung und Entwicklung. Bereitstellung des Coins. Marketing Start. Q2 2018. Website, Shop & Exchanges. Website & Shop . Listing auf Exchanges. Kommunikation mit der Community. Guerilla Marketing. Q3 2018. Wallaht & Launch ``Wallet`` (Wallaht) für Android, iOS, Windows und Mac. Launch. Listing auf weiteren Exchanges. Q4 2018.

Bei TenX hat man Anfang 2020 WaveCrest durch Wirecard ersetzt. Zwar ist vorerst die Kartenversorgung von TenX sichergestellt, dennoch holt der Wirecard-Skandal wieder alte Ängste hervor. Schließlich ist es gerade für Krypto-Dienstleister oft nicht leicht, einen lizenzierten Kooperationspartner für regulierte Geschäfte zu finden. Gleiches gilt auch für das Krypto-Karten-Start-up. TenX Info. Der Cryptotoken TenX verwendet üblicherweise das Kürzel 'PAY' und ist seit dem Jahr 2016 unterwegs (seit etwa 4 Jahren). Er kann von Minern nicht geschürft werden. Dabei wurden vor Veröffentlichung keine Einheiten geschürft (Premine). TenX ist kein OpenSource Projekt

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Die komplette Roadmap muss ich noch durcharbeiten. Mit meinem jetzigen Wissensstand kann ich den vollständigen Use-Case von nicht erfassen. Dazu fehlen mir noch zu viele Informationen. Ich werde mich diese Woche aber mal mit Stellarfund in Verbindung setzen um mehr darüber zu erfahren. Ich berichte dann! Gruß Alex. Antworten. Frank sagt: 25. Mai 2020 um 23:00 Uhr Update bei Stellar Fund. TenX currently has a team working hard to comply with the roadmap. The delays that have been observed respond more to the obstacles imposed by third parties than to negligence on the part of TenX. PAY, the TenX token, has been interestingly bullish during the last days, with a 7.61% growth in the previous 24h. So far it seems that investors have been able to separate the news about Mr. Hosp. My Failed TenX Investment / Coinbase Compensates Customers / New Dash Roadmap (The Cryptoverse #291) The Cryptoverse What I'm really excited about the DASH Evolution roadmap is that the solution they seem to be going for to make masternode shares feasible is that a physical hardware working as a full node will still be necessary, but they will achieve this through hosts providing the.

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TenX offers card users a 0.1% reward (paid in PAY tokens) every time they use their TenX card, and there are also plans to reward token holders with 0.5% of all aggregate transaction volume paid. Roadmap & News update on Cardano (ADA) , Sia Coin & Tenx (Pay) + More 05/06/2018 News Comments Off on Roadmap & News update on Cardano (ADA) , Sia Coin & Tenx (Pay) + More Source: Read Full Articl TenX to cyfrowy portfel i fizyczna karta, którą możesz wykorzystać do wydawania kryptowaluty w każdym sklepie - nawet jeśli nie akceptują krypto. Misją zespołu TenX jest natychmiastowe udostępnienie wszystkich zasobów blockchain. Zbudowany w tym, celu system portfela i kart w sieci COMIT umożliwia płatności między blokami.

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Toby Hoenisch (Co-Founder & CEO) will be speaking at Invest:Asia by @coindesk on 11 September. Get the latest updates on the #TenX roadmap in his session hosted by Bobby Ong and CoinGecko! Tickets.. - Reporting to Head of People, overall responsible for Talent Acquisition function in TenX globally - Develop and manage talent acquisition roadmap and champion the training and coaching for our leaders and teams on hirings - Successfully build and introduce the hiring process, interview process and recruitment programs across the organization - Partner with senior leadership team on talent. We provide you with a detailed roadmap then we implement it. Our goal is to Maximize Sales, Brand Integrity, and Channel Control on the Amazon platform. Brand Protection. We use proprietary software to identify and eliminate un-authorized resellers and/or counterfeiters to maintain Brand Integrity. Review Management. We help you get product into the hands of consumers who can generate reviews.

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Bekannte ERC-20 Token sind OmiseGO, Golem oder TenX. Die Unternehmen werben in der Regel mit einer langfristig ausgelegten Roadmap und Meilensteinen, um insbesondere beim initialen Token-Launch viele Investoren für das eigene Projekt zu gewinnen. 2. Airdrops & Bounties. Diese Form der Motivation beschreibt ein Vorgehen, bei dem im Falle der Erreichung bestimmter Meilensteine oder durch. Project Update: TenX (PAY) the Cryptocurrency Wallet and Debit Card Basics TenX project aims to allow the users to spend virtual currencies in offline and online shops without having to convert them to fiat beforehand. TenX consists of TenX wallet, TenX card and PAY token The wallet is a multi-currency wallet which the user can then fund with different cryptocurrencies and then use them to buy.

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What is TenX Pay Token? history, roadmap, usage, team

TenX und ein paar andere bieten ein anderes Produkt an: Sie geben Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Kryptobestände über Debitkarten auszugeben. Während wir auch sehr bald eine Nexo Kreditkarte auf. Additional TenX Resources; The mission of the TenX team is to make any blockchain asset spendable instantly. To do this, they've built a wallet and card system on top of the COMIT network - a routing protocol that enables payments across blockchains. TenX Wallet. The TenX wallet is available on Android, iOS, and web The TenX roadmap features COMIT integration within a couple years. On June 24th TenX will be having an Initial Token Sale where 51% of the PAY tokens will sold to the public at a rate of 350 PAY. TenX hasn't made much progress this year according to their website they haven't accomplished any of the roadmap goals set for this term. However, I must commend them on keeping multiple social media sites such as Blogs, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter active which is key as they are engaging with the community

Bitwala ist indes nicht das einzige Krypto-Start-up, das Bitcoin à la carte anbietet. Erst gestern, am 11. Dezember, verkündete TenX ebenfalls den Beginn der KYC-Screenings ihrer Kunden. Bis die Krypto-Debitkarte von TenX den hiesigen Markt erreicht, dauert es allerdings noch. Zunächst sind Singapur und danach Asien an der Reihe. Europa soll. 10% assets for TenX will be moved to cold storage. This will be reserved as an asset in the company to bring value to early investors. TenX received over USD 1 million from a range of notable. Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more. Rank Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Change (24h) Price Graph (7d TenX is a digital wallet and physical card that you can use to spend cryptocurrency at any store - even if they don't accept crypto. You may have noticed that you've accumulated all of these coins but don't have many places available to spend them. Besides Overstock and maybe a shop or two around town, your [] BREAKING CRYPTO NEWS July 6, 2020 Movers of the Day 7-July ( 2100NEWS.

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